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About this Web Site

Web pages presented under www.metu.edu.tr and www.odtu.edu.tr domains are designed and maintained by METU Computer Center - Informatics Group (CC-IG). CC-IG has no responsibility over the other sites with the metu.edu.tr and odtu.edu.tr extensions since, such web sites are developed under the authority of departments, offices and persons.

Although every effort is made to ensure that the information held on the METU web site is accurate at the date of issue, CC-IG cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences thereof.

Any enquiries about METU web site should be sent via cc-igmetu.edu.tr. Enquiries about METU in general, its departments, courses, staff, applications, admissions, activities etc., should be made via the telephone numbers or the e-mail addresses indicated on the Contact Information page.

CC-IG Team

CC-IG is the web design team at METU Computer Center. The mission of the team is to provide the users, not only from METU but also from Turkey and all around the world, with information about METU, as well as providing them with various alternatives of obtaining knowledge and building communication with web tools.

METU Web Site Archive

METU Web Site Archive lists the previous designs of METU web homepages, which were in service between years 1994-2005.

Help Using this Web Site
  • Menu: METU web site contains lots of information and lots of pathways to groups of information sources. In order to classify these information and information groups, a menu has been utilized within the site. By this way, the crowdedness of the homepage has been reduced and it has been made easier for users to access the information they need.
  • Quick links: This section includes the links to a few pages which need quick access by many users. The links under "Quick links" title provide direct access to the most frequently visited pages, as requested by the visitors of METU web site. The number of the links included here is limited; the reason is that, as the number increases, the comfort and contentment of the page design is reduced.
  • FAQ: The FAQ page contains the links of various web pages which are the answers to the most frequently asked questions by the visitors. These questions are mostly about the content of the METU web site; but there are also some about the page design and layout and "who-to-contact" information as well.
  • Search: The search tool located on the top of the METU web site provides the visitors with the chance to search for keyword(s) in either the pages with the extension metu.edu.tr (including the domains belonging to departments/units at METU) or throughout the world wide web. The free service offered by the well-known search engine software Google is utilized for this purpose. Google indexes the web pages once a month, therefore the updates may not be immediately reflected on METU indexes. Broken links or in-up-to-date information can be found as far as a search has been handled through Google. CC-IG does not accept liability for these broken links or in-up-to-date information.
  • Site Map: This page includes the direct access to and the hierarchy of all titles and subtitles found under www.metu.edu.tr site.
  • Text Version: Visitors who wish to view just the text information found in the METU web site can make use of this section. Text version contains the text information excluding the graphical design and the images that METU web site includes. Using the text version may quicken the access to information, as loading of the graphics and the images take longer time relatively when compared with text data; therefore, users who wish to access the information quickly or whose hardware/software readily in use necessitates loading low-sized data may prefer this version, while visiting METU web site. Another important feature is that, visually impaired users can benefit from the text version of METU web site using the necessary software (for detailed information, please contact the Informatics Institute.)
  • CCC Activities: A direct link to METU Cultural and Convention Center's web site is placed on METU homepage for the followers of the activities organized by this center.
  • "Bu Hafta": It is the link to the online copy of the weekly bulletin prepared by METU Public Relations Office.
  • Student Group Activities: There are various student groups and societies at METU which are established for various purposes. These groups and societies organize, coordinate and handle lots of activities within each semester. METU Cultural Affairs maintains a web page listing those activities. The visitors can access that page through the direct link on METU homepage.
  • "Türkçe" button: It provides to view the Turkish version of the page of which the user is currently visiting.
  • Announcements & Activities: This section includes all of the valid announcements and activities (i.e. of which the expiration date has not passed) submitted by METU units/departments. Since a limited area is reserved for these announcements and activities, a scroll-bar is used to view them which are still valid but can not be viewed at first sight. The rule for demonstrating the list of the announcements and activities is that, the last announcement/activity submitted is added on the top of the list. Therefore each announcement/activity is moved downwards by a line within the list, whenever a new announcement/activity is added to the list. The content of the announcements and activities are provided by the units and departments; therefore the related unit or the department should be in contact in case a problem or question arises.
  • Icon & banner area: To link the users to the announcements of particular activities and events that are explicitly relevant with METU community or Turkish public, icons can be created and be placed on METU homepage, in case they are approved by CC-IG. These icons should be compatible with the graphical design of the METU homepage; therefore it is strongly recommended that these icons are prepared or created by CC-IG. If there are icons prepared by units/departments, these can also be placed on the homepage, after being evaluated and approved by CC-IG. The maximum size can be 100x34 pix. for an icon. The units/departments that wish to put icons on the homepage, should send an email to webadminmetu.edu.tr. In this email, the units/departments should provide the information about the web address that the icon will be linked to, the period of publication on the homepage, the grounds/reasons for placing an icon and the contact information of the department or the unit. The icons that are deemed appropriate by the Computer Center are then duly placed on the METU homepage. The icons, whose publication dates expire, are removed from the homepage. Those icon requests made by the units/departments which have already announced their activities in Announcements & Activities section will not be accepted.
  • ODTÜ-TV: It provides the direct access to homepage of ODTÜ-TV, which contains various on-demand videos available for streaming.
  • METUCAM: It provides the direct access to homepage of METUCAM, which contains the online views from different locations of METU campus. A plug-in has to be installed in order to make use of this feature.
  • RadyoODTÜ: It provides the direct access to homepage of Radyo ODTÜ.
  • Weather forecast image: The weather forecast image is provided from the web site of Turkish State Meteorological Service and it is updated twice an hour.
  • Send feedback: Visitors who wish to send their suggestions, comments, requests or questions about the design and content of METU web site may fill in the feedback form and submit it to CC-IG. Other topics should be sent to the related units or offices indicated in the feedback form.
  • "2004 METU > All rights reserved." statement:This statement claims the following issues:
    • The content layout and graphical design can not be copied and used by any individual or institution, as exactly the same as METU web site's layout and design. In case it is demanded and approved by METU Computer Center, individuals or institutions can make use of the layout and the design partially.
    • The visual and auditory elements and the multimedia products contained in METU web pages, including the graphical design, the images, the icons, logos and banners, the photographs, the maps and the drawings, can only be used in case METU is denoted as the origin of these elements.
    • Textual material contained in METU web site, can only be used in case METU is denoted as the origin of these materials.
Web Pages of Academic/Administrative Departments/Units

METU departments and units maintain their own web pages on the central web server or on their own servers. The content layout and the graphical design they use may well vary from that of the METU homepage. CC-IG has no responsibility over these sites since, such web pages are developed under the authority of departments, offices and persons. Please contact the related department/unit in case a problem or question arises.

URL addresses with "metu.edu.tr" and/or "odtu.edu.tr" extension may be defined for web pages owned by departments, units, student clubs and teams. And those web pages are linked from relevant pages of METU web site, if it is appropriate.

In case departments, units, student clubs and teams host their web pages on external servers other than METU central servers, those pages may face technical problems which may not be interfered by METU Computer Center. Therefore, such pages with extension other than "metu.edu.tr" and/or "odtu.edu.tr" (e.g. .com, .org) are not linked from pages of METU web site. Web pages hosted on external servers, if requested by their owners, may be hosted on METU central servers. Detailed information about terms of hosting service and application procedures can be found in http://webaccount.cc.metu.edu.tr.

Help Using the World Wide Web

Please refer to the below links in order to obtain introductory information about World Wide Web:

Help Designing Web Pages

Please refer to this page in order to obtain introductory information about designing web pages.

Browser Support

We have made every effort to make this site usable for as many different browsers as possible. Unfortunately, older browsers are not able to take advantage of current technology, and so the site may not look as 'designed' as it does in modern browsers, although all the information should be accessible. We would encourage all users, if at all possible, to update their browser to the latest version - not only for this site, but to enhance your use of the web in general. Latest versions of commonly-used browsers may be downloaded from:

For questions and problems

Please first have a look at the FAQ page. If you can not find an answer to your question or a solution to your problem in that page, please use cc-igmetu.edu.tr e-mail address to inform about your questions or problems.

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